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SRM 1216 Is a 16 round 12ga unit. Shotgun's are now available.  Contact us for pricing.
Remington "AOW" in 3 or 4 shot.
Also in Mossburg 500 2 shot,
12 gauge 3" chamber, 6 Inch Barrel .
Own the legal sawed off shotgun!
Load up to 17 rounds of 12 ga bird/buck/slugs...Contact Us and find out how. Click Here
(options extra)
KelTec KSG 12, Bullpup 26.1", 15round w/dual mag tubes. Top Pic rail & flip up sights. Front/rear sling loopsl, rubber butt pad.  Taking $638 on all pre-orders....This unit will test your patience for delivery.
Mossberg 590 Pump 12Ga 3"/20"BL, Parkerized, Pistol Grip, 8Rd, B Sight,
Mossberg 590 Special Purpose Pump 8 round 12Ga 3", 20" Parkerized BL w/heat shield, Syn. stock/grips, Bead sight,
Mossberg 590 Special Purpose Pump 8Rd 12Ga 3", 20" Parkerized, Ghost ring Sight, Synthetic Grips/Stock, Chokes: Cylinder,
Mossberg 590A1 Pump 9rnd 12Ga 3", 20" Parkerized Heavy Wall Barrell, 6 Position Collapsible Stock, Ghost Ring Sight.
Remington 870 Express 3"-12ga Pump,7Rd,18"BL,
SAIGA 12ga-19"BL, SMOOTHBORE AUTOLOADING SHOTGUN. Great for shooting 2 3/4 shot and slug rounds & 3" magnum. (lh)
Remington 870 Express Pump 12Ga, 18" Blue Cylinder Barrel, Synthetic Stock, 5Rd Bead sights. 
Remington 870 Express Digital Camo Talo Edition Cross-Bolt Safety w/ Key Lock 12Ga-3", 18" BL Black Matte Tiger Stripe Digital Camo Stock & Forend 6+1 w/2-Shot mag ext, Recoil Pad.
Remington  870 Express Pump, 12Ga 3", 26"BL, Matte Finish, Wood grips.  Vent Rib, Rem Choke, 4Rd, Bead.
REMINGTON 870 EXPress Combo: 12ga/26" vent rib BL/3" Chamber & 12ga /20"Rifled  BL, 3" Chamber. (ws)
Remington 870 Express Pump 26" Bl, 12Ga 3", Matte Finish, Synthetic Stock, Vent Rib, Modified choke, 4Rd, Bead.
Rem 870Express Super Magnum, Pump. 12Ga 3.5", 28" BL, Blue Finish, Synthetic, Vent Rib, Modified Choke, Bead. 
Remington 870 Express Super Magnum, 12Ga 3.5", 28" BL, Matte Finish, Wood, Vent Rib, Modified choke, 3Rd, Bead.
Stevens 512 Gold Wing 12ga MC-5, 3" 28"(20,28, & 410 G, 26" & 28") blued barrels. Walnut checkering, engraved receiver, 5 Mobilchokes.
Charles Daly Field Tactical Pump Shotgun, 12 Ga./3", 5-Rd, 18.5" Bbl, Front Ramp Sights, Cylinder Choke, Blue Finish, Synthetic Stock
Charles Daly Spec. Purpose Home Defense Pump Shotgun, 12 Ga./3", 5-Rd, 18.5" Bbl, Ghost Ring Sights, Cylinder Choke, Black Finish, Pistol Grip Stock,
Charles Daly Tact. Pump 12 g Shotgun, 3", 5-Rd, 18.5" Bbl, Ghost Ring Adj. Sights  red fiber opt fnt, Tact Choke, Matte finish Pistol Grip Stock
Interstate Arms Corp 1897 WW2 Trench Gun 12ga 2.75", 18.5", Blue bl, Wood Stocks w/Heat Shield, 5 rounds. 
Mossberg 500 SPX TALO Special Edition Ambidextrous Tang Safety,  Winged Fiber Optic Front, LPA Ghost Ring Rear,3"-12 Ga Pump 18.5" Ported Barrel Matte Black, Black Syn 6 Position Adj Tactical Stock,2 3/4" 5+1: Stock Shell Carrier, Sling Swivel Studs, Black Rubber Butt Plate.
Savage 10ML-II 50 Cal Stain BL, Laminate, AccuTrigger, Black Powder
Thompson Center Arms, 50 Cal, Triumph Comp, 28" Blue Bl,  Adj.Sights, Synthetic Stock, Black Powder,
Thompson Center Arms  Omega 50 Cal 28" Stainless Bl, Laminate Stock, Black Powder
Thompson Center #3964 Encore Pro Hunter Muzzleloader 50 Cal., 28" 1-28" Rifling for Sabots & Conical Bullets, Stainless Steel, Drilled & Tapped, Black Powder Rifle, Realtree Hardwoods Thumbhole Stock & Forend, Click Adj Steel Rear w/Fiber Optics, Ramp Front, Black Rubber Recoil Pad; Additional Features #1: Ignition:209 Shotgun Primer(Closed Breech); #2: Quick Load Accurizer Muzzle Sys, Sling Swivel Studs.
Hodgdon's Triple Seven FFF Muzzlelding 1lb FFF - Faster burning powder for use in smaller calibers and makes clean up a breeze. Triple Seven produces the highest velocities of all granular muzzleloading propellants when compared by volume. An added bonus is that this enhanced velocity results in a flatter trajectory and greater down range energy. Triple Seven is sulfur odor-free and virtually odorless as a residue in the barrel.
Order your "Unkle Mikes" & "BLACKHAWK" Holsters, tactical gear and supplies from us. We carry them all!  Email for Deals.  
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