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Transfer Services—Purchase firearms from out of state & transfer them to Virginia with us & save $$$. 

For all other firearms "Contact Us" with your orders.

CREDIT & FINANCING Available!! Never miss on a great gun deal ever again!

Get discounts for your referrals when new customer makes a purchase on a gun.

Don't know what you need....Contact Us....and we will get the firearm that will work for you!

If it can be sold in the United States we can get you any item fast. NEW ITEMS added weekly upon client requests. The sky is the limit on what is available to you. NFA Items available. AOW's, SBR's & SBS's available.

Disclaimer/Liability Clause: All firearms are classified as dangerous weapons. All items sold on this site are the sole responsibility of the buyer to ensure proper use. This website, the website owner and/or dealer cannot be held liable and/or responsible for any physical injury, death and/or property damage resulting directly and/or indirectly from either the intentional and/or unintentional discharge of a firearm(s) and proper handling or functioning of a firearm(s), parts, accessories, ammunition or other items sold.

Prices are subject to change due to market demands.

All special & backorder sales are final with no refunds.

All Prices listed via website are discounted for Cash price/Law Enforcement & Military.

We have a no refund policy.

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