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We do all of the paperwork processing for you, no worries, just leave it to us...

Email us at for details on any of the below items. Click HERE:

Thompson Full Auto $35,000

Mint Condition, comes with everything shown. 

S&W 78 Full Auto 9mm: 12,000

Mac's: 9mm Full Auto with suppressor $6,000; 380 Full Auto $5300, 45ACP full auto $5300.

Silencerco: Ospray Family 45acp, 40sw, 9mm

Advanced Armament Corp.

5.56 mm Rifle Silencers

7.62mm Rifle Silencers

Large Bore Silencers

Pistol Silencers.  

Suppressors for 5.56MM

Gemtech Trek:

Gemtech Trek-T:

Gemtech HALO:

Gemtech G5:

Gemtech G5-T:

Suppressors for 7.62 MM & Lesser

Gemtech Sandstorm:

Gemtech Quicksand:

Gemtech MVT-THD:

Gemtech HVT-QD: Contact US for GEMTECH Pricing

Suppressors for Pistols

Blackside 45:




Contact US for GEMTECH Pricing

Suppressors for .22 LR


Outback IID:


OASIS Pistol (Left):

Contact US for Gemtech Pricing

Remington "AOW" in 3 or 4 shot.

Also in Mossburg 500 2 shot,

12 gauge 3" chamber, 6 Inch Barrel .

Own the legal sawed off shotgun!

Contact Us to order: Click Here!

Load up to 17 rounds of 12 ga bird/buck/slugs...Contact Us and find out how. Click Here

(options extra)

Mini Gun: Contact us for the ultimate home defense unit! Click Here:

Stainless Phantom 5.56 Sound Suppressor

Phantom 5.56 Sound Suppressor in Chrome Moly Steel Matte Black

Parkerized (FAR)

YHM Stainless Phantom 7.62 Sound Suppressor

Cobra M2 9mm Sound Suppressor

9mm XL Sound Suppressor

MKIII Integral

We now help you with the "NFA TRUST" We've got the best NFA Attorney in the USA. Contact us with what you want: Click Here!

Machine Guns, Suppressors and AOW's (Any other Weapon) for Private, NFA Trust & Corporate Ownership. Machine Guns, AOW's & Suppressors CAN be owned by law-abiding citizens. Misconceptions come from the creation of a variety of confusing laws that have made purchasing a full-auto gun more difficult than purchasing a "normal" gun. Simply complying with the law can qualify to own a machine gun, AOW and suppressors. Daily sales to law abiding citizens happen so get yours!!!!

History: In May of 1986, certain laws went into effect that made it illegal for 'civilians' to own fully automatic firearms that were manufactured AFTER THAT DATE. Many fully automatic weapons manufactured, registered and tax paid BEFORE MAY, 1986, MAY BE OWNED BY AND SOLD TO INDIVIDUALS. The full-auto guns that may be owned by individuals are called 'transferable'. Some states DO NOT allow machine gun ownership at all, no matter when the gun was made, but many states do. VIRGINA does.

To purchase a transferable machine gun, you must meet certain requirements, fill out special paperwork (called a 'form 4'), and pay a $200, one-time, transfer tax. Every time a machine gun is transferred, the $200 tax must be paid-- usually by the purchaser.

The steps to take to purchase a transferable machine gun are:

  1. Call us to assist you in all phases of the transfer. We will help you fill out the paperwork, we will help you locate the gun if it isn't in stock and being the process of the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms). It will usually us 4-6 weeks for the unit from another dealer to come in. (be ready for BATF paperwork's just the way it is).
  2. Get your fingerprints (either by a police dept. or by a qualified fingerprinter, two imprints are needed) and two passport sized pictures taken. These will be used to perform a criminal background check on you. (Ask about the NFA Trust to avoid #2)
  3. You must have the signature of the Chief Law Enforcement (CLEO) officer that has jurisdiction over the municipality in which you live on the form 4. This could be the City Chief or the County Sheriff, for example. This is usually not a problem-- in machine gun friendly states. The form 4, CLEO signature, 2 fingerprint cards, 2 pictures, and a $200 check (your one-time transfer tax) must all be mailed to the BATF and an approved tax stamp returned before you may take possession of the gun. This may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. (NFA Trust can by pass doing #4....ask us how.) 

It is not complicated, we are happy to help you through every step in the process. We have access to transferable guns via a network of dealers in other states to find it for you. Let us help you get the full-auto gun that you've always wanted-- they are worth it! This is not legal advice, however we can point you in the direction of counsel upon request. Check out the official web site of the BATF for more details.

Below is just a small list of our favorite suppressors:











All sales are final on NFA Items. No Refunds for NFA Items

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