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To order your Hunting/Outdoor gear go to CONTACT US page and let us know what you want. 

Johnny Stewart's Mac Daddy Howler Kit. Tone and pitch adjustable with the touch of a lever

Adjustable baffle for volume control. Makes predator calls such as barks, yips, yelps, howls and many various distress calls & comes with a megaphone for long-range calling

Price: $23.00  

Shooters Ridge Stalk & Shoot Black

Adjust. Price: $45 (left)

Short Shooting Sticks Price: $26


Shooters Ridge Steady Pod

Black, Size 26"-64"

Price: $27

Summit Ultimate Viper SS Climbing Treestand, Durable, quiet, comfortable, easily-packed-and-stored tree stand. Two-piece seat buckles enabling quick/easy seat height adjustment. Unit weight 26 lbs w/a 300 lbs capacity. Accessories: fully-adjustable gun rest, thickly-padded all-day comfort mat and surround seat, platform camouflage. 4-point safety harness, Rapid Climb Stirrups, hardware, ropes & straps. 5-year limited warranty. 

Price: $339


Recharged by household outlet, vehicle DC outlet or Brunton's solar panels. Inverter Included. Total Power = 154 Watt Hours Storage: 12 Amp Hours @ 12.8 volts * Max Output: 14.6 Volts * Max Power: 77 Watts * Household AC and Vehicle DC * Multi-output cord included * Conforms with FCC Standards. Price: $303.00

Other size units available (ws)


12V output eletrical itmes. Charge vehicle batteries w/ battery clamp cable * Works in all types of weather, even in low light conditions * Built-in blocking diode prevents reverse battery discharge * Lightweight compact design. Other sizes available.

Price: $649.00

BRUNTON FOLDABLE SOLAR 12 WATT 12V OUTPUT. Power 800 mA MAX. Open Size29 1/4 x 16 x 1/32 in, Closed Size5 x 9 x 3/4 in, weight13 oz, WarrantyBrunton limited lifetime warranty.

Price: $209.00

SpyPoint: IR-A 6MP Infrared, Camo Features: 6.0 Megapix. pic. quality, IR motion triggered, 48 IR LED illum., Video Res.: 640 x 480 AVI, Color pictures (day), blk/wh (night), Date/time recorded, 32 MB mem.: SD or SDHC or MMC up to 8GB, Backlit LCD display, USB and TV-OUT ports (NTSC/PAL), Adj. det. sensitivity 45ft,12-volt aux. jack, 6x1.5 volt C batt. (not inc), Low batt indicator, Strap, USB & video cables, User-friendly switch panel.

Price: $183.99

Leaf River: Digital IR 5MP 1.6" View, Mossy Oak Treestand 5.0 Mega-pix Quality, Built-In 1.6" Viewing Screen, Improved trigger speed, MPEG-4 video w/ 640x480 res. @ 30 frames per sec. Sound recording, Color for day, infrared night-time still pictures or MPEG-4 video, SD card slot for removable or internal memory, (SD card not incl), SanDisk SD cards are not recommended, Zoom/Pan for internal viewing screen, Adj. sensitivity knob w/ motion detection, USB/RCA, cable bracket, security bar, mounting strap Price: $299.99

Easy Hunter Metal Detector Gold Century GC-1016A H2Oproof coil can be used in shallow water where most Gold Rings are found. Detect Metals or set for Motion Discrimination to distinguish Ferrous an non Ferrous metals. Sensitivity knobs, discrimination threshold and volume control. Tone emitted in speaker or opt. head phones w/signal strenght display. Adjustable Arm Support, Light wgt/compact. Price: $89.95


Sale Price: $1,275.00


Seahawk II Boat w/pump, gear/battery pouch. 2 air chambers, grab rope & handles, 2 rod holders, inflatable floor, oar locks, CG I.D. 2 valves for quick-fill/fast deflate. 3 extra strength layer, two outer heavey gauge PVC laminated to inner mesh, Inflatable seat cushions, 54" Alum. Oars, 3 Person, 660 LBS Capacity, 117" x 50"x18" Price: $148.33

Challenger K2 Kayak 2 person. 84"alum oars w/pump. Hard plastic skegs on underside, Inflatable backrests seat & I-beam floor, grab line, CG I.D. 2 quick-fill/ fast deflate valves. SUPER-TOUGH vinyl construction,TUV approved.

Price: $100.33

Barnett Black Widow Slingshot, foldaway wrist brace and the soft touch grip.

Price: $10.95


Barnett Sling Shot ammo 38cal. 50 Rnds. 

Price: $4.95




Grand Trunk Parasheet Sky/Royal Blue

Less than 1 lb, 7’ x 7’,Parachute nylon, Machine washable, pocket storage, Quick-dry nylon, Rip prevention, Mildew resistant, (w/o women) $37.99

Wenzel Insta-Bed w/SPS Pump, Twin Description, Model#: 822315 -Dimensions: 74" x 39" x 9" (inflated) - Built-in Comfort Adjust Pump for customized firmness - Flocked-Top keeps bedding in place - Standard coils - Extra thick 9" gusset - Dual valve system - Color: Green

Price: $28.66

Midland 2-Way Radios: GXt775VP3 (JSC)

3 year Warranty, 32 Channels PLUS 14 EXTRA CHANNELS, 30 Mile Range, 121 Privacy Codes, Channel Scan, X-TRA TALK Power, 10 Call Alerts, 5 Animal Call Alerts - Turkey, duck, crow, cougar and wolf, Weather Scan, eVox- 3 Sensitivity Levels - Easy voice activation. No need for external microphone, NOAA Weather Alert Radio, Vibrate Alert - Provides silent page/call notification, Mic and Headphone Jacks, HI/MED/LO Power Settings, Silent Operation, Auto Squelch, Keypad Lock, Water Resistant, Roger Beep - Indicates call completion, Bright Backlit Display [LCD], Keystroke Tones, Battery Life Extender, Drop-in Charger Capable, Dual Power Option - 4 standard “AA” batteries or rechargeable battery packs (included). Price: $59.00

Shipping costs may apply. All sales final on ordered items.

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