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TBL Arms offers "Full Scope Survival Training & Skill at Arms Concept Training". Not only will you become a great "shooter" but you will also learn how to deal with any threat. We specialize in Conceal Carry, Situational Awareness, Personal / Home Defense, Legal & Liability issues. NRA & Non-NRA Courses Available. We customize your training to fit your skill level.

Gain the confidence needed to safely handle any weapon and begin your training in the "skill at arms" with us.

Contact Us for Group or Private Training Sessions. Click Here...

Our "in home" training shows you how to deal with threats at home or at your business. Less than lethal options to lethal options are a must & Range Time training provides you with the one on one shooting skills you need. Sign up now & get a FREE "Home or Business Security Surveys".

CONCEAL CARRY PERMIT TRAINING: CLICK HERE FOR YOUR TRAINING CERTIFICATE. The easiest first step in getting the Virginia conceal carry permit in the privacy of your own home.

TBL Arms also works with other NRA Certified Instructors. Our recommended instructors for Women & Men:

Customized Security Training: Protected Citizens Shooting Academy
(click here for their link) is owned by the leading female NRA Certified Instructor in our region & has extensive federal law enforcement & protection training. The Shooting Divas of DMV was formed in 2010 & has become the first shooting/awareness group for women in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Join the Shooting Diva's click here....

Now you can practice at home with the Laserlyte Laser Targeting systems:

Laser Target System


Laser Trainer Pro.

Fits .35 to .45 cal


Universal Bore Sight .22 to .50 Cal


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