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1911 Custom Tactical

1911 Custom Tactical

1911 Match parts/work $619

1911 Match parts/work $619

1911 Commander parts/work $539 +/Laser $254

Options: A: Search a 1911 from our inventory: Click Here: and buy it. Shoot it for a while and decide what you want customized on it & how you want the unit to perform. We put in the "Magic". Prices range from $100 to $619 depending on your options.

B. Bring us your 1911 & we put the custom parts & magic in it. Prices will be dependant on options selected.

Double Stack 2011 "Forte"

Double Stack 2011                    

2011 Zombie Slayer

Double Stacked 45 ACP....available in all 9mm, 38, 40 & 45 calibers. This unit is ready for a gemtec suppressor...

Two guns in one. The above slide lets you shoot an Iron Sight class or "open".

A: Contact us. We will discuss your wants/needs to make your double stack "custom one off" become a reality. Prices begin at $1900 for complete builds.

More details/photo's to follow.

See our Custom 1911's that are featured at Silver Eagle Group.

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