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TBL Arms now offers CUSTOM 1911's & Double Stacks 2011's...

1911 Custom Tactical

1911 Custom Tactical

1911 Match parts/work $619

1911 Match parts/work $619

1911 Commander parts/work $539 +/Laser $254

Options: A: Search a 1911 from our inventory: Click Here: and buy it. Shoot it for a while and decide what you want customized on it & how you want the unit to perform. We put in the "Magic". Prices range from $100 to $619 depending on your options.

B. Bring us your 1911 & we put the custom parts & magic in it. Prices will be dependant on options selected.

Double Stack 2011 "Forte"

Double Stack 2011                    

2011 Zombie Slayer

Double Stacked 45 ACP....available in all 9mm, 38, 40 & 45 calibers. This unit is ready for a gemtec suppressor...

Two guns in one. The above slide lets you shoot an Iron Sight class or "open".

A: Contact us. We will discuss your wants/needs to make your double stack "custom one off" become a reality. Prices begin at $1900 for complete builds.

More details/photo's to follow.

See our Custom 1911's that are featured at Silver Eagle Group.

 We guarantee that you will have the slickest slide, best trigger job and most accurate pistol. All parts are available & all options are offered. Contact Us with your project.

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