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KRAV MAGA: We are teaming up with First Defense Martial Arts Center in Herndon, VA Click Here for their link... may ask? Because after years of study in various Martial Arts our TBL Arms founder has discovered the closest connection to his "REAL WORLD EXPERIENCES" in personal defense training & survival is KRAV MAGA. This defensive art form trains not only your physical body but also prepares you mentally in how to deal with a physical attack. 

Remember this: "Your will to survive an encounter must be greater than your opponents will to hurt or kill you!" This mantra has saved our founder in every life threatening encounter throughout his career. Krav Maga will help you achieve your goals of understanding the above principle.  

If you are looking for the best Personal Defense training check out First Defense Martial Arts Center. 

This page will continue to provide information and items for sale for your future training. 

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